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The Customer Experience

Organizations need to focus on creating a memorable Customer Experience. They have to learn to see themselves as service leader – not as banks, hospitals, supermarkets, government, or hotels.

To achieve this, the most critical skill is the ability to make your customers happy by developing a world class service strategy.

Critical Skills

for a VUCA World Workforce

The New Normal Online Learning Program is designed based on research results from 34 companies and numerous HR practitioners, to determine the New Norm Skills critically needed, for Employees and Leaders to cope with the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) Post-Pandemic World.


Have your workforce been UPSKILLED or RESKILLED with the right skill set to survive in the new environment? Without the necessary competencies in adapting to the New Norm, they will face difficulties in supporting your organization's new directions. 

AJMCS together with Quest Learning is pleased to present two exciting new Online Learning programs designed for times such as this; NEW NORM EMPLOYEES and NEW NORM LEADERS.

New Norm Employees covers 5 modules, while for New Norm Leaders, an additional 3 modules have been added on top of the 5 critical skills.

Download Brochure: New Norm Employees 2021.pdf

Download Brochure: New Norm Leaders 2021.pdf

The Learning Outcome


  • Build fundamentals of resilience and acknowledging its importance on helping to cope with challenges and achieve desired results
  • Identify and understand the source and triggering effect of challenging situations
  • Understanding the characteristics and attributes of a resilience mindset, and strategies of resilience applications

Higher Order Thinking Skills

  • Analyze information through categorizing, organizing and comparing information to arrive at better conclusion and/or  finding cause of problems
  • Evaluate information and make judgments through critique and testing to arrive at decisions
  • Create something to meet challenges and requirements through design, planning, innovating and creativity


  • Link importance of learning to their career progress
  • Identify their self learning requirements
  • Use the learning cycle for self learning
  • Incorporate learning into their daily work routine
  • Document their learning log


  • Make changes to their job nature to meet the changing environment
  • Make conscious change of their work habits to fit into the the new task and the expectations
  • Work beyond their job descriptions and title, and learn new competencies in order to be productive and contributive

Change Management

  • Apply the Transformational process for managing change
  • Analyze the Change Management Model for implementation – Strategy, Process, People
  • Identify the process of making changes
  • Evaluate the importance of Mindset Shift for a changing world
  • Create change within the Culture – Core Values

New Norm Leadership

  • Understand the 5 levels of Leadership, how it works and the importance of moving to the highest level
  • Build connection & relationship for Open Environment, and applying principles of building trust as foundation of Leadership
  • Apply the principles of Managing Performance for results, communicating Vision and keeping the team motivated in challenging times
  • Gain commitment through application of Coaching, Mentoring, Modelling and Empowerment

Emotional Intelligence

  • Use the emotional blueprint as a template for understanding and dealing with emotions
  • Achieve the ability to use emotional skills to build trust, creating win/win situations and long term relationships with others.
  • Manage own emotions so as to reduce conflicts and stress in organization leading to a better work environment.
  • Create better relations and team work in your organization
  • To be more inter-personally flexible by recognizing the emotions of others and be seen by others as a person of credibility and positive character.
  • Increase your personal worth and value through the mastering of highest level of interpersonal skill.


  • Analyze the principles of influencing skills and its success model
  • Recognizing our innate nature and how it affects the way we influence people
  • Understanding different styles and behaviors associated with each style, to better prepare Leaders with ways to respond to achieve objectives
  • Building trust and managing defensive behavior when engaging in a difficult conversation
  • Understanding 4 barriers in influencing process and how to overcome it with a 6 steps approach

How is it implemented?

Each module is to run entirely online (8 hours learning duration per module), complete with exercises and assessments.

The New Norm live session schedule

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