Clinical Forehead Infrared Thermometers ensure accurate and stable body temperature readings, which is particularly efficient for taking the temperature of infants and young children. From a distance of around 5cm, all you have to do is point it towards the forehead to read the temperature shown on the LCD screen.


  • Measures body temperature
  • Measures environment temperature
  • Measures surface temperature of any object


  • Non-contact measurement of body temperature effectively reduces bacteria cross infection
  • Fast measure, response time of just 0.5 seconds
  • Stores 32 measurements
  • Set alarm – buzzes when measurement is higher than your pre-set temperature
  • Automatic Data Hold & Auto power off
  • Large backlit LCD Display


  • ASTM E1965-1998
  • EN 980: Graphical symbols for use in the labeling of medical devices
  • EN 1041: Information supplied by the manufacturer with medical devices
  • EN 60601-1: Medical electrical equipment Part 1 General requirements for safety ( IEC:60601-1:1998)
  • EN 60601-1-2: Medical electrical equipment Part 1-2 General requirements for safety collateral standard Electromagnetic compatibility Requirements and test ( IEC 60601-2: 2001)


  • Body temperature: 30 - 43 +/- 0.2 ℃
  • Surface temperature: 0 – 60 ℃
  • Power: 2x AA batteries

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