SCAM ALERT! It has come to our attention than an unscrupulous party named Career Insider is using ACJMS' name to recruit individuals to participate in a Shopping Cart Creative Program to earn income. AJMCS DOES NOT have such a program.  This is a scam and individuals are advised to be wary. Individuals wishing to continue with the program are doing at their own risk and AJMCS bear no responsibility for any financial losses incurred. A police report has been made. 

Who Are We?

AJMCS was established in 2018 with the sole purpose of providing High Impact Learning & People Development. We work with organizations and talents to improve their leadership effectiveness, business performance and productivity measurably.

With a background in sales & marketing, service, and leadership, we work with individuals and professionals in the areas of Customer Service Experience, Sales Performance, Leadership Communication and Team Development.

With an increasing demand for trained professionals in the service industries, AJMCS  stand ready to help companies & organizations meet challenges as it enters a new phase.


To be distinctively recognized as one of the best consultants in producing professional champions in their careers in Sales & Marketing, Customer Service or Entrepreneurship industry.


To provide a holistic education experience and aspire the community to excel in the service and hospitality profession through exchange of knowledge and experience, best practices and learning innovations.


  1. Excellence – Delivering excellent education and training that meets the test of international standards.
  2. Integrity – Delivers value for money, uncompromising quality, and ethical standards.
  3. Passion – We pursue fresh ideas and embrace new approaches to elevate how we work and deliver value.
  4. Commitment – We are committed to being the best we can be. We achieve this by placing the students at the centre of everything we do and always looking to improve ourselves and our service, cultivating our knowledge, skill and attitudes to achieve excellence.